Lavender Festival

Central Coast Lavender Festival promises a fun and fragrant good time

by Sami Zahringer

When you grow an herb that has been utilized in Ancient Egyptian mummification, used as an Elizabethan substitute for bathing, and as a lemonade flavoring, you know you have a useful plant. In the language of flowers, lavender can mean devotion, luck, success, happiness, and it can be used as a perfume, a flavor, and medicine. As the organizers of this festival, now in its 11th year, say, “Using essential oils enables us to connect to the living processes of earth and thereby rejuvenate, balance, and nourish our mind, body, emotions, and spirit.”

Celebrate this ancient, versatile herb and its many uses at the 11th annual Central Coast Lavender Festival on July 6 from 10 am to 5 pm. Set in the Paso Robles Downtown City Park, this free event highlights all things lavender.

Take in a seminar on distilling lavender; hear about the philosophies and processes used on Paso Robles area lavender farms; learn from a Cal Poly expert the importance of lavender for growing healthy bee populations; and of course, shop till you drop! There really is something for everyone.

Experiment in the kitchen with new lavender-infused tastes — try honey, tea, sugar, and spice blends, or try something different (ask how you can use it on the barbecue!).

Be sure to look for other goodies, like essential oils, soaps, lotions, and bath bombs, as well as lavender-inspired art, jewelry, clothing, and trinkets. And don’t forget to pick up a fresh bouquet (and maybe even a lavender crown!) on your way out! There will be music, vendors, food, refreshments, displays, and children’s activities to keep the day full and extra fun.

Paso Robles Downtown City Park is located at the corner of Spring Street and 12th Street, in the city of Paso Robles. For more information, visit or call 
(805) 238-4103.

Can’t get enough of lavender? Plan ahead and stop in Ojai on June 29 for the Ojai Valley Lavender Festival! Visit for details.