Real Estate Guide

The California 101 Real Estate Guide Ventura County Edition is a monthly real estate magazine featuring local agents, their property listings, and open houses.

Through entertaining and insightful articles, California 101 Real Estate Guide also paints a vibrant picture of Ventura County, with its rich history, colorful culture, and stunning scenery. There are a myriad of reasons why Ventura County is an idyllic place to call home, and you’ll find new ones in each edition of the California 101 Real Estate Guide.

These things, along with thoughtful design and stunning visuals, sets California 101 Real Estate Guide apart from similar publications — adding value to both advertisers and readers alike.

  • Our information-driven website, provides convenient online access to the California 101 Real Estate Guide, as well as Realtor bios, open house listings, links to local MLS services, and more.
  • In both print and online, you’ll find regular columns such as “Why Ventura County” and “Know Your Pro” — celebrating both the many reasons to love Ventura County, and the many professionals who can help you make it your perfect piece of heaven.
    Why Ventura County:  The places, people, and experiences that make the Ventura County a unique and coveted place to live — as told by a lifelong Ojai resident whose love for this community runs as deep as her Ojai roots.
  • Know Your Pro: Highlighting the best local real estate agents, architects, landscapers, interior designers, mortgage brokers and more! Their tips and tricks provide valuable insights, whether you’re buying, selling, or just looking to improve your existing space.
  • Also: Stunning photography; current events; agent profiles; remarkable properties; interviews with notable local residents; and a wide variety of homeowner tips to make the most of Ventura County living.

Travelers Guide

If you grew up in the pre-GPS era, chances are you remember navigating with the help of Rand McNally maps. You might also recall the web of blue lines coming off the main highways. These represented smaller highways and roads. On long drives, sticking to the country’s largest arteries might get you to your destination faster … but it’s on those blue highways where the true heart and soul of America can be found.

It is with this inspiration that Blue Highways Productions was founded. The goal: to celebrate the people, places, and experiences found on those “blue highways.”

Highway 101 spans three states, but the focus of Blue Highways’ magazine, California 101 Travelers Guide, is Ventura, Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties. You can get through this region fairly quickly via the 101, but you’ll miss out on some of California’s best communities. Why not slow down and take the time to explore places like the Heritage Valley, Ojai Valley, Los Olivos, and Cambria? Taste the flavors of the region; spend the afternoon making furry friends at a dog-friendly beach; climb to the summit of a 7,000-foot mountain with valley views on one side and ocean views on the other. Get to know the history, the culture, the local hot-spots and so much more with the California 101 Travelers Guide. Both in print and online, you’ll discover adventure-filled stories, heart-stopping photography, and helpful tips to get the most out of your road trip. Each issue is filled with page after page of reasons why you’re sure to fall in love with this uniquely beautiful — and surprisingly diverse — region.