Los Olivos sits just two miles south of the 101 freeway along Highway 154 in the Santa Ynez Valley. The name — the olives in Spanish — comes from the 5,000 olive trees that were planted there some 150 years back. Today, the town of around 800 residents boasts about 20 wine tasting rooms, a cidery, a brew pub, upscale boutique shops, and high-caliber restaurants, all packed into just a few blocks. Many of the area’s businesses are still owned by local families, with no chain stores in sight. While strolling the streets lined with historic Victorian buildings, you can’t help but notice the wholesome downhome feel with its character and charm of Western yesteryear meets 21st century affluence. Thoroughbred horse ranches, wineries, and the property formerly known as Neverland Ranch stretch out along the rolling hills nearby. The likes of David Crosby, Kelly LeBrock, Ronald Reagan, Steven Seagal, Bo Derek, Robert Cray, and Cheryl Ladd all once called the area home.