Discovering Downtown Paso

By Donna Wolfe
Central California is full of best-kept secret towns. One of our favorites: downtown Paso Robles. Although the town is officially called El Paso de Robles — “The Pass of the Oaks” in Spanish — locals often refer to it simply as Paso. The region has historically been known for its thermal baths, wineries, olives, and almonds, in addition to its nearby Spanish Missions (San Miguel, San Luis Obispo de Tolosa, and San Luis Obispo). Through the late 1960s and early 1970s, a new generation of vineyard pioneers settled and flourished in the surrounding hills, bringing acclaim to the rural community.

Teeing up on Ventura County Greens

By The Unknown Golfer
Soule, Olivas, and Buenaventura offer pristine views, diverse challenges. As people begin to venture out again, they’re rediscovering our regional golf courses. I am certainly no different; in fact, not playing golf was one of the hardest things about being confined to home for me. So when courses started to open, I was quick to get out and play, while taking all the recommended precautions.

Randy’s Recipes

By Randy Graham
Summer is an exciting time of year to be a cook. Markets and gardens are bursting with gorgeous fruits and vegetables in their prime. The weather is perfect for getting outdoors and enjoying the sunshine. Farmers markets offer ripe fruits and vegetables and provide an opportunity for you to meet friends and perhaps make new ones.