Debbie Scott

Debbie Scott

Photos/Words by Logan Hall

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Debbie Scott is what you might call a lifer. Her dad and aunt were both Realtors, and everything in the family seemed to revolve around that industry in one way or another. 

“I basically started in real estate from a high chair,” she said. “Listening to my dad’s conversations around the dinner table, I developed an understanding of his business.”

Growing up in Orange County, her dad spent time going back and forth between California and Nevada where he operated part of his business. 

“We lived in OC and spent many weekends in Las Vegas where he also sold real estate,” she said. “I just kind of grew up with it.”

After high school, her family moved to Ojai while she earned her graduate degree in clinical psychology at Pepperdine University. From there, it would be a few more years before she would delve into the world of real estate. 

There were people in the world that needed help, and she was determined to use her education for the greater good.

“After college I worked with wards of the court,” she said. “I did a lot of work with the homeless population as well as adoptions.”

While helping many people who couldn’t help themselves, she was also inadvertently getting glimpses of her future involvement in real estate. Getting people in the right home was, and would continue to be, a big part of her life.

“We had huge caseloads,” she said. “Sometimes there could be 50 kids at a time going through the courts. It really felt good helping all of these people find homes.”

From there she moved to Idaho where she had a working ranch and raised her horses. All the while she was still learning the real estate business and developing her future career in the footsteps of her dad.

The next chapter of her life would find her in Virginia, enjoying her waterfront home. She was a broker for 16 years before moving back to California and ending up in Ojai.

“I really enjoyed living out on the East Coast,” she said. “I was selling real estate, doing stand-up paddle boarding, boating, horseback riding — it was great!”

Upon landing in the Ojai Valley, she revisited her work with those being ushered through the court system. At the same time, she was working to get her real estate career up and running in her new location. 

“There was a period of time when I moved back to California that I worked in the DA’s office. I was a victim advocate and managed a homeless transition center while relaunching my real estate business on the West Coast,” she said.

Juggling her career and philanthropy work is a big job, but that’s not all she’s had to focus on over the years. She has two kids who are now 17 and 21, but she’s raised them on her own since they were three and six. 

“I’ve been a single mom since my kids were real little,” she said. “I’ve worked hard raising them and it’s really paid off. I have two wonderful children!”

Now she has her sights set on bringing her love of horses and knowledge of real estate to potential buyers and sellers in Ojai.  

“Real estate is in my blood,” she said. “It always has been, and now I enjoy blending all the beautiful things Ojai has to offer with my experience in real estate.”

Her interest in horses and outdoor activities runs parallel with her work. After operating her ranch in Idaho, she has a unique perspective on the needs of those who may be looking for horse properties in the Ojai Valley.

“I have personal experience owning and living on a ranch so I really understand the needs of an equestrian property,” she said. “I’ve ridden just about every trail in Ojai, and the thing I’ve found is that many horse properties back right up to trails that cover the valley. I can really listen to people’s needs and desires for a home or ranch and help them in creating that dream. There really is something for everyone here.”

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