Camarillo Ranch House

Camarillo Ranch House

By Adam Nuñez

Photos courtesy Camarillo Ranch House.

Do you have a real memory or story about the Ranch from long ago? Consider participating in the Camarillo Legacy Project! It’s a project started by the Camarillo Ranch Foundation with the goal of connecting people with a “shared local history, preserving the legacy of innovation, leadership, philanthropy, and education that Adolfo left behind.” For details on how to share, check out

 Walking up to the Camarillo Ranch House for the first time, your attention will be drawn to the dazzling white wood exterior and red slanted roof. Your gaze will naturally move upward, as everything seems to veer skyward here. It’s grand, elegant, and homey all at the same time. It’s also an important historical monument in Ventura County. In 2003 it was successfully registered on the National Register of Historic Places.

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