A Sweet Taste

By Misty Hall

These days, we’re all about our tastings — wine, beer,bourbon, tequila, cheese, the list is always growing.Anytime you can combine food, drink, and friends with alittle learning is a guaranteed good time.

hello this is ojai
But honey tasting? That was a new one for me.

But honey tasting? That was a new one for me. I mean, honey is honey, right? Bees make it, we buy it in bear-shaped bottles, the end. Not if you visit Ojai’s Heavenly Honey Tasting Room. A honeycomb of questions quickly presents itself: Where is my honey sourced? How is it processed? Does it all taste the same? How do I know if I’m getting “the good stuff?” Fortunately for us, the Haskins family has all the answers.

Situated near the corner of Signal Street and Ojai Avenue, the Haskins Heavenly Honey Tasting Room is about as close to the center of Ojai as you can get.

And so, too, is the Haskins’ philosophy: Doing things the right way is all-important, even if it takes more effort.

Step into the tasting room and one of the first things you’ll notice is a long counter lined with large honey jars. A closer look will reveal a curious surprise: they’re not all the same color. Far from it, in fact. On one end is what looks like butter. On the other end, something resembling molasses.

Is that all really honey? Yep, says Barbara Haskins. Do they all taste the same? Have a seat and try for yourself. Taste the pomegranate or blackberry honey, and you’ll get a hint of tartness. The orange blossom is a bit sweeter, and smells of oranges — but doesn’t taste like them. The darker buckwheat, avocado, and alfalfa honeys are thicker, and a little bolder.